Debunking the Caveman Myth

Contrary to popular belief, our prehistoric ancestors, often dubbed ‘cavemen’, didn’t exclusively live in caves. This stereotype emerged before the discovery of the first human fossils. While some fossils from the Palaeolithic era, spanning three million to twelve thousand years ago, were found in caves, this doesn’t mean caves were […]

Scientology’s Principles

The Church of Scientology, known for its secretive nature, surprisingly offers some insights into its beliefs and practices. The church professes no fixed dogma concerning God, allowing a liberal approach to personal morality. This stance, however, contrasts with allegations about its strict rules and hierarchical structure. Scientology acknowledges a Supreme […]

Hitler’s Propaganda Impact

The signing of the armistice outside the French forest of Compiègne marked a historic moment on November 11, 1918. In a train car, delegates from Imperial Germany and the Entente Powers finalized a ceasefire between the two sides, ending the relentless artillery fire that had claimed over 20 million lives […]