Maintaining the health and vibrancy of color-treated hair requires a bit of extra effort and ingenuity on your part. As many as 70% of South African women dye their hair, so this is welcome news. These suggestions for caring for color-treated hair can help you preserve your hair’s beautiful hue and prevent damage.┬áTo maintain your hair color for an extended period, your hair must be in good condition.

Because of the porous nature of hair after being colored, it is more susceptible to absorbing and losing moisture. Each time your hair gets wet, the dye molecules may be washed away. Maintaining the finest possible condition for your hair is essential if you want to maintain as much hydration in it as possible, and we have some suggestions for you below.

Insist That Your Stylist Uses Only High-quality, Conditioning Hair Dyes

Start by requesting that your hairstylist use a quality hair color that contains nourishing ingredients. Using a hair dye that contains natural oils will assist your dyed hair keep its luster and health after washing. Is it true that ammonia-free hair dye is another wonderful professional alternative that’s gentle on your strands?

Keep in Mind That Red Dye Fades the Fastest

Because red has the biggest molecules, it fades more quickly than other hair colors. Red dyes have a shorter lifespan because their smaller molecules have a harder time penetrating the hair. If you want your hair to turn red, have your stylist apply hair dye that produces high-definition hues while being gentle on the cuticle.

Hair That Has Been Dyed Should Be Washed Less Frequently

Simple: washing your hair less frequently will keep the color from being washed out. Avoid daily shampooing if you want to keep the organic oils in your hair that help nourishes color-treated hair. This will aid in extending the life of your color and keeping your colored hair healthy.

In-Between Washes, Refresh Your Hair with a Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be used to maintain color-treated hair looking clean and fresh by applying it to the roots of the hair and absorbing excess oil.

It’s Best to Wait at Least 2 Days Before Shampooing After Coloring

Hair dye requires a minimum of 48 hours (and preferably more) before shampooing. Even better is if you’re able to go 3 – 5 days without shampooing. By doing so, the color can be fully set.

Let Your Locks Air Dry

It’s best to protect your dyed hair from water while you shower on non-wash days by donning a shower hat. You might also avoid having your hair get wet by pulling it up together into a messy bun or pony.

Must Be Washed in Cooler Water

Using chilly or lukewarm water is best while shampooing. Extremely hot water accelerates the process of bleaching hair by opening the cuticle and allowing the dye particles to disengage.

It’s Best to Skip the Shampoo and Go Directly to the Conditioner

It’s recommended that only color-treated hair be washed with a hydrating conditioner. Color is more easily stripped out by shampoo than by conditioner.

It Must Be Conditioned After Every Shampoo

Always use a conditioner that protects the color of your hair after shampooing if you’ve had it dyed. Your hair color will look more vibrant and uniform if you condition it first. Even though your hair is thin, you should still condition the ends, as they are the oldest and have the greatest damage. The process should begin at the ears and work its way to the tips.

The Care and Maintenance of Hair Color Requires Special Attention

Your hair’s color and health will be affected by the products you use. Invest in salon-quality products specifically made for colored hair if you dye your hair. Hair that has been dyed or bleached can benefit from using shampoos and conditioners designed for colored hair. You can start with these recommendations:

Make Sure to Use a High-quality Shampoo

Always use a shampoo designed to preserve the vibrancy of dyed hair when washing. A decent wash is an investment in the longevity of your dye job and the continued wellness of your treated hair.

Don’t Use Shampoos With Sulfates

Find a shampoo without sulfates if you don’t want your hair color washed out. Salts, such as those found in sulfates, may be very drying, and this is a major factor in color fading since it prevents dyes from properly absorbing water.

It Should Be Washed With Clarifying Shampoo Before Coloring

Unless you’re planning on coloring your hair soon, you should hold off on using clarifying shampoos, which include a lot of detergents to get rid of accumulation like grime and hair products. Seek out a clarifying shampoo that washes away hairspray resins, silicones, and oils if you’re trying to hide your gray hair.

It Must Be Treated With the Best Conditioner Available

You will not accomplish the desired effects without using a conditioner developed for hair that has been dyed. You should utilize a color-protecting conditioner on your dyed hair because it is chemically different from natural hair. Intense Hydrate Conditioner is an example of a conditioner that can help prevent color from deteriorating and establish a protective layer on dyed hair. As an added measure, you can use a conditioner designed to preserve the vibrancy of dyed hair. Click here for more information.

Care for Your Dyed Hair at Home

If you want to avoid harsh chemical reactions when you dye your hair, it’s best to start with a pre-softening product that contains little to no ammonia. Doing so is crucial for maintaining gray concealment over time. There are actions you can take to preserve your color and your hair’s health after you’ve applied it. You may protect your dyed hair in several ways, including using a shampoo and conditioner made specifically for colored hair. You can start with these recommendations:

To Improve the Sheen and Manageability, Deep Conditioning Treatments Should Be Used

To get the most out of your dye job, treat your hair to a weekly deep conditioning treatment. You should comb the treatment into wet hair from the roots to the ends. Put your hair in a bun, secure it with pins, and let the treatment sit for half an hour before washing it out. After washing it out, your hair will be smoother and glossier than ever.

To Prevent Damage, Leave-in Conditioners Should Be Used

Hair can be protected against heat styling tools, the elements, as well as other aggressors if you use a leave-in moisturizing conditioner after you wash it out. You should safeguard your dyed hair with a leave-in conditioner designed for that purpose. This is especially crucial if you devote a big part of your day in the sunlight or close to a heater, or if you utilize a hairdryer, curling iron, or flattening iron regularly.

Add Shine With Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil therapies are easy to perform at home and can bring out the best in hair that has been dyed. Cover your freshly washed and towel-dried hair with a showering hat or clingfilm, then add the therapy oil. Make use of a damp towel, a hairdryer, or simply some time in the sunshine to help you feel better. When the oil has been heated, it’s best to let it reach ambient temperature before washing it out with cold water.

Use a Clarifying Shampoo Before You Apply a New Color

Use masks and intensive moisturizing products a few weeks before your upcoming hair coloring to assure that your hair is healthy and prepared to absorb the dye. If you want your hair to look its best for your appointment, use a clarifying shampoo right before you wash it.

Use Heat-protecting Treatments Before Using Hot Tools

If you want to avoid cooking your hair from within, don’t use a hairdryer or flat iron on wet hair. Apply a leave-in conditioner to strengthen the hair, and then conclude with a hairspray that will keep it that way. Visit this page to find more information about quality heat protection sprays.

Eat Right To Maintain Health-Looking Hair

The quality and quantity of your hair are directly related to the foods you eat. A nutritious diet provides the fuel that promotes hair growth and shines. Keratin, the protein responsible for your hair’s strength, texture, and growth, is generated in part by the iron-rich protein found in the foods you eat. Eating foods like lean protein, salmon, limited dairy, egg whites, greens, and soy will help color-treated hair last as long as possible. Eat healthy snacks like fruit, nuts, vegetables, and carbohydrates in between meals.

Your Hair May Benefit From Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins are essential for keeping the quality and shine of hair that has been dyed. With vitamin C’s help, hair follicles can thrive and the scalp’s arteries can remain strong. Iron from plant products is also simpler to digest with the help of vitamin C. Biotin, a type of vitamin B, is effective at fortifying brittle hair and enhancing its overall texture. Fish, carrots, egg yolks, and sardines are all good sources of biotin. When nutrients from food are insufficient, it’s important to take multivitamins to promote healthier hair and a robust body.