Dreaming of a six-figure income from your photography? Make it your reality! Introducing The Prosperous Photographer Program – your gateway to unparalleled success in the photography world.

Drawing from over two decades of proven marketing mastery, this is the singular program tailored for photographers that promise not just teachings but tangible results. Enhance your craft, fill your schedule, and earn what you truly deserve. Why wait for success when it’s a click away?


📸 Boost your Photography Business With The Answer to All Your Marketing Frustrations! 📸

I see you, trying to capture the world through your lens, seeking clients who’ll appreciate your craft, and waiting for that phone to ring endlessly. You’ve probably worn many hats trying to get your work noticed, right?

Are these problems sounding all too familiar?

PROBLEM N° 1: Lost in the Marketing Maze? 🤔

You have the zeal, you have the time, but you’re lost in the vast sea of marketing. Sure, you’ve binged YouTube videos, exchanged notes with photographer friends, and even tested some strategies. But something’s missing. You’re itching to know the real way to pull in those clients.

PROBLEM N° 2: The Elusive Google Spotlight 🌐

You’ve seen your contemporaries shining on the top of Google searches, gaining clients effortlessly, while you dabble in SEO only to feel lost. Should you abandon the hope of Google spotlighting your work? No, you shouldn’t.

PROBLEM N° 3: Where Are Those Word-of-Mouth Clients? 🗣️

You’ve received praises, smiles, and promises of recommendations, but when it comes to actual referrals – it’s radio silence. It leaves you wondering: is your craft truly captivating?

Let’s face it: Marketing a photography business feels like climbing a never-ending mountain. Juggling social media, client interactions, blogging, and the core job of capturing moments can be draining. And the ghosts of imposter syndrome and saturated markets don’t make it any easier.

But here’s the good news: The Prosperous Photographer Program is crafted with YOU in mind. Tailored for South African photography professionals, this masterclass is the beacon you’ve been searching for. It’s more than just a course. It’s a compass, guiding you through every pitfall, every confusion, and every challenge you’ve faced.

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Are you ready to transform these problems into strengths? To position yourself uniquely in a market that’s brimming with talent? To not just rely on random strategies but implement a meticulously designed marketing formula meant just for photographers?

🌟 Why “The Prosperous Photographer”? 🌟

  1. Years of Expertise: With 20+ years under our belt, we’re not just any fly-by-night photography marketing course. We bring proven strategies, not mere theories.
  2. No-Nonsense Approach: Forget wading through hours of droning videos. We serve straight-up actionable steps. Precise, concise, and fluff-free.
  3. Weekly Guidance: Stuck on a module? Need clarification on a strategy? Our live study halls are your safe space to seek answers, ensuring you’re always on the right track.
  4. SEO Made Simple: It’s one thing to have a portfolio online; it’s another to have it visible. With 3 months of weekly SEO reports, track your Google rankings and witness your climb to the top!

So, if you’ve been feeling like:

  • Marketing is a giant puzzle with a missing piece.
  • You’re an artist, not a business mogul.
  • You’ve had enough of courses that overpromise and underdeliver.

Then, snap! 📷 You’ve just found your solution.

🌟Here’s What The Prosperous Photographer Masterclass Offers You🌟

Join us as we take you on a transformative journey, with each step specifically designed to rocket-launch your photography business. Here’s what awaits you:

✔️ ReferralsYour contented clients are your best marketers! Unravel the magic behind a referral system that keeps them spreading the word year after year.
✔️Google My BusinessPut your work in the spotlight! Maximize the power of Google My Business, even if your website isn’t yet a Google superstar.
✔️SEO EssentialsDemystify SEO! We simplify it all, guiding you step by step to optimize your site and get those much-desired top rankings.
✔️ Cross-PromotionsCollaborate and shine! Learn the art of mutual promotion with other local businesses, boosting both your ventures.
✔️Doctor’s Office DisplaysEarn the trust of the community! Discover how showcasing your art in local doctor’s offices can lead to a rush of eager clients.
✔️Success MindsetAlign your mindset with your goals. Dive deep into empowering mental strategies to banish doubts and propel your success.

📸 Who is Your Coach? 📸

I’m Leah Severson. ✨

Let’s dive straight into it: I’m not just here to give you another lecture on marketing. I’m here to revolutionize the way you market your photography business, making it as effortless and profitable as you’ve always dreamt it to be!

Having been in this game for over two decades, my husband and I have not only survived in the photography industry but thrived! No side hustles, no backup plans, just pure passion and determination. Our business has been our mainstay, providing for our beautiful family of four and even supporting our daughters through their college years.

The road wasn’t always smooth. Like you, I’ve faced challenges. There were times when I felt like I was shooting in the dark, trying various strategies hoping something would stick. But over the years, I’ve refined and polished my approach. I’ve discovered what genuinely works in attracting new clients and ensuring past ones keep coming back.

So, why am I telling you all this? Because it’s time to share. Time to help you sidestep the hurdles and leap straight into success. I desire to see you revel in the joy of capturing moments, instead of being bogged down by the woes of an empty schedule. Let’s ensure your chardonnay is reserved for celebrations and not sorrows.

Imagine this:

  • A marketing blueprint in your hands, backed by years of proven success, tailor-made to boost your photography income.
  • Breaking through the vast world of Google and making it to the top organically, without emptying your pockets on ads.
  • Waving goodbye to partial solutions and embracing a holistic marketing approach, ensuring every client knows your worth.
  • Building genuine relationships with clients, turning them into your brand ambassadors, singing praises of your work.
  • Showcasing your art at esteemed locales, like doctors’ offices, capturing the attention of potential clients.

Feeling that spark of excitement? That’s the passion I have for helping you. Let’s make this year the best for your photography business. Join me on this transformative journey. 📷✔️

Over two decades in the industry, I’ve seen countless photography coaches and flashy programs, each with their hefty price tags. Trust me, the expenses of getting a marketing guru to architect a flawless studio marketing plan can skyrocket, often setting you back thousands.

But, here’s the real picture: You have the power. The power to set ambitious goals for your photography business and to achieve them with precision marketing. All that’s needed? The right tools and knowledge at hand. I’m committed to empowering photographers, especially those:

  • Mastering their craft 📸
  • Ready to dive deep and commit to success 💪
  • Poised to elevate their businesses to soaring heights 🚀

💳Payment With Package Offers💳

Original Price: $2,497
🌟 Special Offer: $1,297 🌟

This package offers:

Engaging Video Series and live Help Sessions

🥇Techniques to optimize your website for Google’s top ranks

 📈Effective blogging strategies to amplify traffic

 🔍Keyword mastery to magnetize your ideal clients

 🗺️Tactics to showcase your business in Google Maps’s 3-pack

🌟Strategies to boost reviews and client referrals

📣Social media essentials to make your clients your best promoters

 🏢Collaborations with local businesses and securing displays in doctors’ offices

And if that’s not enticing enough, here’s a BONUS:

🤖Utilizing ChatGPT for streamlined content creation

 📲Leveraging FREE social media channels to attract clients

🎗️Innovatively growing business with silent auctions

📺📰Unlocking FREE media exposure – from TVs to newspapers

PLUS! A toolkit to give you the edge:

 📊3 months of dynamic SEO Rankings Reports

📅6 months of LIVE study halls for on-demand support

Dive in week by week. Immerse in fresh lessons and transform them into actionable steps. By the course end, the mystery of “How to get new clients?” will be a thing of the past. No more second-guessing, only results.

Your Investment Options

FULL PAYMENT: One-time payment of $1,297 💳

PAYMENT PLAN: Three convenient payments of $445 each 🔄

📲Ready to invest in your future? Jump aboard now!

🌟 What Are Your Fellow Photographers Raving About? 🌟

Francine Mittenthal of Lilly Belle Rose Photography gushes: “Regardless of the profound knowledge and achievements, Leah demystified the intricate world of SEO for me. Now, I’m bursting with confidence and hope – a feeling I hadn’t known in years! A massive THANK YOU to Leah!”

Kim Fain from Simply Baby Photography exclaims: “Need help navigating the maze of SEO and Google rankings? Leah’s the savior you’ve been waiting for. She simplifies complex topics, making them a breeze to understand. If expertise and clarity are what you seek, look no further!”

Luba Cain of Luba Cain Photography shares: “In just one session with Leah, I gained more marketing insights than in the past five years! Leah’s unparalleled knowledge in SEO, Google, referrals, and displays is a game-changer. She’s equipped me with the keys to success!”

Billi Blair of Billi B Productions reflects: “Leah’s mastery in her domain is evident. Her live coaching was insightful, detailed, and invaluable to elevating my photography venture. Every topic was broken down for easy assimilation. Forever grateful, Leah!”

Aneta DeAngelo from Yellow Lollipop Photography says: “Meeting Leah at the Newborn And Beyond Photography retreat was a transformative experience. Amidst a plethora of brilliant minds, Leah’s session was my favorite! Her depth of knowledge, open-heartedness, and willingness to aid her students stand out. If you’re seeking business and SEO insights, Leah is the one!”

Tracy Perry of Tracy Perry Photography testifies: “Six weeks with Leah has been a game-changing investment for my photography venture. From setting up my Google business profile to SEO optimization, the progress is palpable. Leah’s course is a toolbox I’ll cherish forever. Every business owner needs this!”

Now it’s time to share that brilliance with a larger audience. While your craft is impeccable, the challenge often lies in mastering the business side of things. Wondered why, despite having access to the best photography marketing strategies online, some photographers still don’t witness the growth they desire. The answer is straightforward: it’s about leveraging the right strategies tailored to your unique style and vision.

This program has been crafted with dedicated photographers like you in mind. Forget those one-size-fits-all photography marketing ideas. Embrace a solution tailored to your unique vision and needs.

This isn’t just another course. It’s a journey, an evolution. It’s about intertwining your passion and talent with the finest business techniques the digital age offers. Say ‘yes’ to transformation, ‘yes’ to success, and ‘yes’ to a thriving photography business that doesn’t just capture moments, but crafts legacies.

Are you ready to transform those perfect shots into a thriving clientele? Dive into the Prosperous Photographer Program and change the trajectory of your photography journey forever.